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I just got my July 2013 Glamour – Next Big Thing issue in the mail! Got super excited when I turned a page and Saw Dave in the Cute Glothes (Cute Guy!) section.

The scans are in the gallery, sorry that they kinda suck but my printer is weird. Enjoy though!

Scans > 2013 > Glamour – July 2013 x 006

Don’t let actor Dave Franco’s hilariously raunchy Funny or Die videos fool you. The 28-year-old star or the new heist thriller Now You See Me (and rumored boyfriend of Mad Men and Community actress Alison Brie) is actually-shh-a softy. The guy lives with two obese cats! Just listen.

Glamour: your character in Now You See Me is a sleight-of-hand expert. So, in your experience, is magic actually effective as a romantic pickup strategy?
Dave Franco: I want to say no, but I don’t want to undermine any magicians. For me, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve adopted the [dating] technique of ” here I am.” If you don’t like it at first, let’s not waste our time. I feel pretty comfortable with who I am, as strange as I may be sometimes.

Glamour: Your videos-say, “Go F*ck Yourself With Dave Franco”-are pretty wild. Have you found any new female fans?
Dave Franco: I don’t think my Funny or Die videos have turned any woman on to me, considering most have homoerotic undertones! Some people would call the videos twisted, which they are, but I don’t walk around trying to offend people.

Gamour: We’ve heard you have your brother’s cats.
Dave Franco: They’re Harry and Arturo-each 17 pounds. I bonded with them while James was traveling. And then I told him, “You’re not taking these cat’s away from me.” I’m the weird cat guy.

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Other > Candid > 6.04.13 – Outside “Jimmy Kimmel Live” x 005

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What’s going on at the moment, Dave?
Well I’m working on something new called Townies, a comedy directed by Nick Stoller who did Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, and Seth Rogen and Zac Efron and Rose Byrne are involved.

So there won’t be any laughs then?
Exactly. There won’t be any penis jokes. There is ample male nudity and some female nudity! This one is going to be fun! But these guys are geniuses. Working with them makes me so much funnier than I naturally am.

You’re not naturally funny?
I don’t think so…

You had the funniest line in a movie last year—about a grape. Do you remember that?
Tell me.

It was something like, ‘Do you know what happens to handsome guys like me in jail?’

My colleagues and I still quote that line.
Really?! But yeah, these guys- it was all improvised, so… It’s really like liberating but at the same time it’s intimidating and sometimes you are exhausted or sick on set and you don’t have it in you to be funny, but they are with you every step of the way where they are throwing out thirty alternate jokes and usable material in every scene. It’s like, ‘You guys are geniuses!’

Let’s talk about Jack Wilder. He’s sort of the novice in the group and hangs back during the first half until that explosion in the second half between yourself and Mark Ruffalo.
Right! Sure, yeah! He’s the new guy and technically the rookie magician and is surrounded by these magicians he has looked up to. Throughout the film he is trying to prove himself as an equal and find his place in the group and ends up being part of the most life-threatening scene of all. I don’t want to give away too much, but we can talk about that action sequence!


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