Fright Night

Fright Night Role: Mark
Type: Film
Status: August 19, 2011

21 Jump Street

21 jump street Role: Eric
Type: Film
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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Role: Perry Kelvin
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Status: Post-production

Now You See Me

Now You See Me Role: Unknown
Type: Film
Status: Pre-production Jan. 2013


Rosaline Role: TBA
Type: Film
Status: Pre-production

The Broken Tower

Broken tower Role: Young Hart Crane
Type: Film
Status: Complete

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‘Now You See Me’ tops ‘After Earth’ at weekend box office; ‘Fast 6′ stays at No. 1
LOS ANGELES — With its supercharged muscle cars, “Fast & Furious 6″ raced to first place at the box office for the second consecutive weekend.

The Universal Pictures release is expected to add another $34.5 million to its North American ticket sales, keeping it in the No. 1 spot after opening to more than $120 million over the Memorial Day holiday.

Box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian said the sixth installment in the street-racing franchise was “preordained to be No. 1 again.” But in a season of sequels, three original films were among the most popular at cinemas over the weekend.

“Ordinarily, summer and sequel go together,” he said. “This is a step in the direction of originality.”

Among the new original offerings was the magic-heist thriller “Now You See Me,” which exceeded industry expectations to debut in second place with $28.1 million. The Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment release features an ensemble cast, including Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Woody Harrelson, in a tale of illusionists who rob banks and share the spoils with their audience.

“It certainly has been magic for us to watch the numbers this weekend,” said Richie Fay, Lionsgate’s president of domestic distribution, who attributes the film’s success to a “brilliant marketing campaign” and positive word of mouth.

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After a string us hilarious videos, Dave Franco became a breakout stars in 2012’s 21 Jump Street. Now he takes on his biggest acting role yet in this summer’s surprisingly fun movie Now You See Me as magician Jack Wilder. Dave Franco sat down to talk about his love of movies, action scenes, and beating up The Hulk.

On if he still watches moves..

“It’s the reason I’m doing all this. I love movies and it’s how you learn. Since I love to write and I want to make my own films, I take little things from these directors and writers that I really admire so I try to see as much as I can. For example, my first job ever was when I was 14 was working at this mom and pop video store. We were able to take home five movies a week and that’s how I started watching movies”

On his Funny or Die videos….
“Everyone has a camera these days, so there’s no reason for you not to be filming. If you put it online and nobody watches it, who cares? If you put it up and a bunch of people are attracted to it, who knows what kind of doors can open. The videos that I’ve done for Funny or Die have been so helpful. The website is so popular now that if you have a video that happens to be a success, more people will potentially see it that if you did an independent movie. I’ve developed a relationship with the people at Funny or Die and they’ve been great to me. At this point, they tell me to go out and do whatever I want.”

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Dave discusses nepotism in the entertainment industry, Kickstarter, and his aspirations for the future with Interview Magazine.

NIKI CRUZ: In this film, you’re not playing a high school student. How long have you waited to play someone your age?
My whole life! [laughs] No, it is nice. Everyone always says it’s a blessing to look a lot younger than my age, but sometimes I just want to look 27. It’s not really specified how old I am in the movie, but yes it’s clear that I’m at least out of high school.

CRUZ: Are you at a point in your career where you have a road map of what you would like to go out for?
Yeah, I have an idea. I think at this point, I’m trying to avoid any more asshole roles, at least for a little bit. The main criteria for me when choosing a project is a good director. I just want to work with these guys that I admire because I do want to direct my own films one day, and I want to pick their brains to see what their process is like, and see what I can take from that. In general, the few directors that I’ve worked with that I really respect have taught me a lot about who I am and they’ve opened me up as an actor. I want to take some of that to apply it to when I’m directing actors.

CRUZ: Would you want to direct full-time?
I would love to balance that out with writing. To be honest, I don’t see myself acting forever. I just can’t imagine myself being a 70-year-old man fighting for roles. I would love to do small parts in my friends’ movies or things that I’m directing myself. I do envision myself behind the camera as I get a little bit older.

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n just a few short years, Dave Franco has managed to carve out his own niche with Funny or Die videos and memorable turns in films like “21 Jump Street” and “Warm Bodies.” The younger brother of actor James Franco will be seen on the big screen this weekend in “Now You See Me,” making magic with Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Jesse Eisenberg. He spoke to Backstage about how to make your mark in the business.

Be willing to fight for it.
Franco says his role in “Now You See Me” was the rare case of just meeting with the director, Louis Leterrier. Asked when he began to skip auditions and go right to meetings, Franco says he noticed a slight change after he appeared in the final season of “Scrubs” as a regular. “It was the first time I was able to play a significant role in anything and show what I could do,” he says. “ Of course, after ‘21 Jump Street,’ things changed even more. I can be slightly more selective about the roles I take, but I’m still fighting for everything I want. They’re not going to hand me any great roles at this point; I’m going to have to fight for them.” Did knowing “Jump Street” star Jonah Hill give him any advantage in landing that role? “I guess in the sense that I felt slightly more comfortable when I was in the room with him. But I went through a pretty arduous process with that one,” says Franco. “I went in about six times. It’s very rare that I come across a role I really respond to and I’m happy to put in the work and fight for it.” He didn’t have to put up a fight for “Now You See Me”—though he didn’t hear from Leterrier for awhile. “Six months passed and I got a phone call and they told me all these incredible actors were attached, and they wanted me to be a part of it,” he says. “I thought they were joking. From there on out, I just kind of kept my mouth shut and prayed they didn’t realize they made a mistake.”

Make some magic.
The actors on “Now You See Me” worked with a magic consultant, David Kwong to learn the tricks of the trade. “I play a sleight of hand magician so I learned how to throw playing cards, and I got weirdly good at it, to the extent that I can actually cut a banana in half with a playing card now,” Franco reveals. “I don’t know if that’s something to be proud of. But I spent hours on end, over a span of months, learning how to do that. And I will probably never use it again in my life until I have kids.” Franco says it was important to him that the tricks be real whenever possible. “I wanted to learn as many of these tricks as I could because I wanted there to be as much real magic in the movie as possible,” he says. “I didn’t want them to have to use CGI.”

Laugh at your mistakes.
Franco maintains a sense of humor about his early struggles. “When I was first starting out, it was maybe my third audition ever, and they asked me to slate. To look into the camera and say my name,” he remembers. “I didn’t quite hear her, I thought she said, ‘Sleep for me.’ So I get comfortable, close my eyes, throw my head back, and start sleeping for the casting director. She’s like, ‘What are you doing?’” Franco laughs at the memory. “But I got that out of the way and thank God, that casting director has a sense of humor and has actually cast me since then,” he says. “I definitely made an impression.”

Take the good with the bad.
While many people might assume having a famous sibling in the business gives Franco an advantage, he also has to fight to make his own way and defy certain expectations. “It’s definitely a blessing and a curse,” he says. “It was obviously hugely helpful at first because my brother helped me get a manager, which I don’t take for granted. But from there on out, nobody was going to cast me because I’m James Franco’s little brother. I had to prove myself.” Which was particularly tough when he was starting out. “I would go into auditions and I was falling on my face, I was doing a horrible job, because I was new,” he says. “Most young actors will walk away form that and the casting director will never remember that. But with me, there was a magnifying glass on me and these CDs were remembering me and remembering that I sucked. So I had a deeper hole to dig myself out of.” But in the end, Franco says he can’t obsess about it. “I tried to put it all out of my mind because if you think about it too much, you will drive yourself crazy,” he says.

Make your own work.
Franco not only stars in but occasionally writes and directs short videos for Funny or Die that showcase his unique sense of humor. “I work with my best friends making these films and have full creative control and it’s a dream,” he says. “When I started out, I wasn’t always proud of all the work I was doing, but you take what you can get. So these films, as weird and twisted as they can be, I feel they’re an accurate representation of me and show my voice.” And he finds fans all over—including Leterrier. In addition, they have the potential to reach a larger audience than even some of his movies. “I’m so grateful I have this outlet and I’m always going to keep doing it,” he says. “It allows me to be patient and wait for the projects I’m really passionate about rather than sitting around and getting anxious and taking jobs because I’m bored or want to get back to work.”


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James Franco and Dave Franco are kind of our favorite brotherly duo in Hollywood (okay, a strong case can be made for Liam and Chris Hemsworth), but if you ask Dave, he and James don’t really see eye-to-eye all the time when it comes to their take on acting.

“He is so much older than me and if you meet the two of us, you realize how different we are too,” Dave tells Hollyscoop at the press junket for his new movie Now You See Me, “He will take on roles that I could never touch and vice-versa.”

So, it’s not like James and Dave are ever going to be up for the same role. However, even though Dave claims that James is “so much older,” he’s really only like 8 years older, but honestly they could pass for twins.

“I hope the world starts to see us as separate people and give me my own credibility at some point,” Dave tells us.

But did the older Franco give his little bro some much-needed advice as he followed him into the glamorous world of Hollywood?

“We don’t talk about acting all that much, but the best advice he has given me was to try to be patient and wait for roles, that I am generally passionate about. Obviously, at this point in my career, I can’t be the choosiest person in the world, but I can be slightly more selective now. I do my own projects in the meantime, until these scripts come along that I really want to fight for.”

One of those scripts he really fought for was Now You See Me. Dave stars alongside Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson as a group of magicians who pull off a bank robbery. Now You See Me hits theaters on May 31.


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