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Now You See Me 2 doesn’t open in theaters until June 10, 2016, but that isn’t stopping the magic from continuing. EW has confirmed that Lionsgate is already developing a third installment in the franchise, Now You See Me 3.

According to Variety, Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer made the announcement during a Friday conference call while discussing quarterly earnings, saying, “We’ve already begun early planning for Now You See Me 3.” The announcement comes as part of Lionsgate’s ongoing strategy to focus on building franchises, thanks to the widely popular films like The Hunger Games and Twilight.

Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine reprise their roles in the 2016 sequel, which Feltheimer said recently wrapped. Jon M. Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is directing, Feltheimer expressed confidence that the sequel will outperform the original film, which grossed $350 million worldwide in 2013.


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Movies > Nerve (2016) > Candid: Behind the Scenes in Staten Island, NYC – 5.20.15 x 006
thumb_SINYCNerve1 thumb_SINYCNerve3 thumb_SINYCNerve5

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Colonnade Diner prepped for dinner on Tuesday. But this weekday night should prove a bit more lively than usual. The Dongan Hills eatery, dubbed the “Disco Diner” back in ’70s, is the movie set this evening for “Nerve,” a film featuring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

The movie, a thriller, is based on a novel by Jeanne Ryan. And the “creepy” movie goes like this, as summed up by TeenVogue.com: “A high school senior who gets a little too involved in an online game of truth or dare. Things start off innocent enough, but then her moves start to become manipulated by an incredibly creepy community of people who call themselves ‘watchers.'”

Colonnade Diner proprietor Markos (Mike) Platis said this was the final night of the shoot. And, he’s not closing the restaurant: It’s business as usual for the all-night kitchen. He had to close the place for two days but wasn’t allowed to talk about things until today.

“They really don’t want any publicity,” he said, although teenage “extras” were on hand outside the restaurant chatting about the shoot Tuesday evening. And, paper notices were posted on telephone poles in the neighborhood by the film company.

Platis was impressed with the work ethic of the film crew and actors.

“They can’t film in the daytime. They’re going to film in the dark,” said Platis. He couldn’t believe how many people came to shoot the scene. Between security, a food crew and the actors, he estimated about 250 bodies milling about each night. The working crowd packed his outdoor Santorini Garden Cafe and the dining room proper. Filming took place in the side, glassed-in room dubbed “the Greenhouse.”

Host Larry Vassilakis said that the film folks hung a neon sign of the New York City skyline in the Greenhouse. It enhanced the neon already lining the edges of the restaurant.

Platis said the casting crew was impressed with “the lights” in the Colonnade which is how it was picked among several other establishments around the City.

The Colonnade Diner — located at 2001 Hylan Blvd. — opened for business in 1974.


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Dave Franco, 29

After a hilarious turn as the villain in 2012’s 21 Jump Street, James’ little brother has established himself as a reliable comedy fixture. He held his own opposite Rogen and Efron in Neighbors and with Vince Vaughn in the recent Unfinished Business. Execs say it’s only a matter of time before he lands a starring role. (He’s back for Summit’s Now You See Me sequel in June 2016.)


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New photoshoot and interview with Dave in which he talks about his success, Seth Rogen, and his take on The Interview.

Photoshoots > Set 034 x 010
thumb_DFBWMP6 thumb_DFBWMP10 thumb_DFBWMP3

Mr Dave Franco
Having come of age around comedic kingpins including Messrs Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, the 29-year-old now stars in Unfinished Business

Photography by Mr Ben Weller
Styling by Mr Dan May, Style Director, MR PORTER
Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Features Writer, MR PORTER

If you’re one of those people, whose only newsfeed is social media, then you might conclude on reviewing the scant available evidence, that Mr Dave Franco is dating his Neighbors co-star Mr Zac Efron. He’s not. That’s just a rumour started by his older, more social media-savvy sibling, James, who posted a doctored HollywoodLife article showing a photo of the duo cosying up at a basketball game. Having said that, they did share a suspiciously authentic on-screen “bromance”.

Dig a little further and you might wind up at Funny or Die, the comedy site for which Mr Franco has created a handful of short movies. There’s the “You’re So Hot” trilogy, a series of spaghetti western-style showdowns in which he trades increasingly filthy sexual exchanges with Mr Christopher Mintz-Plasse before facing off in a game of what the Urban Dictionary refers to as “gay chicken”. Or the unsentimentally titled “Go F**k Yourself”, which employs a little camera trickery to show him doing… well, exactly that.

Scour the internet for long enough, and a slightly more holistic rendering emerges – one of a crass, funny and transgressive young comedian. But, while in person he can be all of these things, this is not the real Dave Franco. Unlike his brother, who helms a high-profile personal brand that seems as if it must take dozens of man-hours a week to maintain, Franco the Younger has gone out of his way to remain something of a man of mystery. It’s an aura that he might not be able to maintain for too much longer, though. Such as that favourite neighbourhood restaurant that only the insiders know about, he’s just one rave review away from blowing up.

The fuel required for lift-off is there for all to see: scene-stealing appearances in Neighbors (watch out for his flawless impersonation of a Meet the Fockers Mr Robert De Niro). Or in 21 Jump Street as the obnoxious eco-warrior and high-school drug dealer Eric Molson. He’s also picking up parts in more serious movies; he’s in London right now filming the follow-up to the 2013 heist movie, Now You See Me. None of this should come as any great surprise to those who have followed his career over the past few years – but one person who does seem genuinely surprised is Mr Franco himself.

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It’s not easy to keep track of the 1001 things James Franco is up to at any moment, so you probably forgot that in 2011, he optioned the rights to “Zeroville” by Steve Erickson. Well, Franco surely didn’t forget this was on his To Do list, as the project is up and running, and he’s using his extensive Rolodex to fill out the cast.

Screen Daily reports that Seth Rogen, Jacki Weaver, Megan Fox, Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Dave Franco, Craig Robinson, Joey King and Horatio Sanz have joined “Zeroville,” which is now shooting with Franco directing and, of course, leading the film. And it has a meta flavor to it, it’s a movie about the movies, with the story revolving around a film-obsessed architecture student who is mistaken for one of the perpetrators of the Manon murders, and has the pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift from “A Place In The Sun” tattooed on his head. Or in other words: A James Franco movie. Here’s the book synopsis from Amazon:

Zeroville is a unique love letter to film. It centers on the story of Vikar, a young architecture student so enthralled with the movies that his friends call him “cinéautistic.” With an intensely religious childhood behind him, and tattoos of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift on his head, he arrives in Hollywood where he’s mistaken for a member of the Charles Manson “family” and eventually scores a job as a film editor. Vikar discovers the frames of a secret film within the reels of every movie ever made, and sets about splicing them together—an undertaking that takes on frightening theological dimensions.

Like all of Franco’s projects, this is potentially interesting, but execution will be the factor here. But with Fox as a femme fatale, and Rogen playing a surf hippie named Viking Man, again, this could be wild stuff. With cameras now rolling, we’ll soon see.

Picture SourceFrancosfans

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